On a hot Saturday morning, seven Rotarians lead by Rtn Itamar Azoulay (Chairman of the Service Projects Committee) headed off to visit the Gamodubu Childcare Trust which is about 35 km from Gaborone.

 The visit had two objectives. Firstly, to assist the children in the maintenance of their vegetable garden project and then to hand over some of the food that had been donated at the recent “Donate a Can” project.

The vegetable garden project was started by Past President (PP) Mike Lakin with assistance from Rotarian Douglas Craig. The object was to educate the children and give them the skills necessary to grow their own vegetables. One of the challenges is to get sufficient water for the plants to survive. The only water source is a borehole in Village which is a couple of kilometres away. The water is pumped into a tank and then feed to taps at each of the plots in the area. If the person tasked to do the pumping fails to run the pump daily then there is not water available at the plots and water has to be then collected from the Village.

PP Mike and his team with help from the Rotarians clean out the old beds and prepared them for planting. Then seed was sown in the fresh beds. Finally, they where watered with water that was collected by Rtn Itamar and Rtn Douglas from the village.

After the work was completed, the food was handed over to Shirley Madikwe who is head of the Trust. The Trust feeds about 150 children on weekends and holidays, so the food donated will be incorporated in these meals. The presentation ended with the Rotarians handing out oranges and apples to each of the children present.