"Love in a Box" (LIAB) is another Rotary project in which the Rotary Club of Gaborone acts as a facilitator. Young school children of participating schools are asked to obtain a shoe box, place in it a bar of soap, toothpaste, toothbrush plus a few other pre-requisites and then fill it with whatever other items they would wish to donate to a orphan or disadvantaged child. They are the encouraged to decorate the box and indicate the sex and age of the child their box should be donated to.

On the 20 November, boxes donated by the children of Westwood International School and Livingstone Kolobane College where to be handed over to children from a feeding scheme in Gamodubu which is about 35 km south west of Gaborone.
 On a hot Saturday morning, Rotarians Sandra Stonehill, Kim Sales, John Cunliffe, Chris Scales, Mike Arblaster, Willie Crosby and Graham Burt loaded up the LIABs and headed off for Gamodubu. When we arrived we found every one huddled under the only large shady tree on the site all trying to escape the heat. We were joined by a few teachers and pupils from the donating schools. They then proceeded to hand out the boxes to the children present. When the boxes were openned their was much joy and excitement mixed with a little bit of bewilderment.

The joy on the face of the recepients was testiment to what a fantastic project LIAB is.