The Rotary Club of Gaborone in partnership with the Diabetes Support Group of Princess Marina Hospital held their third annual Diabetes Medical Camp in Thamaga, approximately 70 km south of Gaborone. They were assisted by the health workers from the council and local hospital. The event was organised by Rotarian Dr Yash Gureja.
The Rotary team of 18 plus the Diabetes Support Group set out from Gaborone just after 6 am on Saturday, 13 March 2010 for Thamaga.

The turnout from the locals was not as great as we had hoped for but then we also had to compete with a huge local funeral that was also taking place that morning. However, we still tested over 100 persons during the morning.

The Rotarians undertook the registration, the weight, height and waist measurements plus the data capture. The Diabetes Support Group and the local health workers did the blood pressure, blood sugar testing and the counselling. The Rotary Club of Gaborone also supplied a fruit juice and fruit to each of the the persons tested.

After the event, a braai lunch was held for all the workers at the David Livingstone Memorial which is about 10 km from Thamaga on the road back to Gaborone. This lunch was organised and provided by the Rotary Club of Gaborone. The catering team had also provided tea and coffee to the workers during the morning.